Subat Enerjileri

02/09/2011 10:55:00

Bugunku guncellemere goz atinca nedense bir kac gun once okudugum bir yazi aklima geldi...Subat'ta genel olarak cok gergin ve kizgin insanlarla karsilasacagimizi,
bu kizginlik ve gerginliklere ortak ve dahil olmayarak kendi enerjimizi dusurmememiz gerektigini, insanlarin kendilerine koyduklari kisitlamalar nedeniyle ve acilarina bizim sebep olduklarimizi  dusundukleri icin bize saldiracaklarini ve isteyerek veya istemeyerek hayatimizdan cikacak olan insanlara izin vermemiz gerektigini soyluyordu Jennifer Hoffman.

Yazinin orijinali soyle:


February begins with a new moon and the Chinese New Year, a very auspicious time for all of us because there is so much energy focused on new opportunities. Use the energy on that day (Feb. 3) to set your intention for the year but more importantly for your life in this moment. Do you want to be happier, feel better about yourself, and have more fulfilling relationships? When you set this type of intention you let the Universe bless you with miracles. And when you keep your focus on the present moment, you are using your energy in the most powerful way. You have no power in the future because it is the present moment that matters.

We will see the expression of a lot of anger in February as people begin to see where they have allowed themselves to be limited and their anger will be directed towards those who they think have been their source of pain. This is the point where change can begin but getting beyond the anger may be difficult. Anger without spiritual understanding is simply the expression of fear. It takes the application of a higher vibration to use anger constructively, as a vehicle for change. And of course this is the month of Valentine's Day, when we can wallow in self pity because we haven't had a relationship in a long time or set our intention to create one.

The world around us and our individual worlds may appear to be full of angry people this month. Our goal will be to understand that we can be the object of someone's anger but we are not responsible for their feelings, emotions or beliefs. Be detached, do not allow yourself to get involved in situations that move you into energies that you do not want to be part of. Be selective with your energy and allow the people who are moving out of your life to do so. This year is about choice, how do we choose to live, who is part of our lives, what kinds of energies we want around us and to experience them in our reality. Remember that you are powerful, and you can use this month's powerful energies to create it. Have a great month.

Jennifer Hoffman


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